Covenant Weekly - October 9, 2018

I was recently watching a video in which a very intelligent person was asked, "Do you believe in God?" They responded by saying something like, "That depends what you mean? What do you mean by believe? People have... Read More


Covenant Weekly - October 2, 2018

For today's Covenant Weekly you are invited to pray a prayer written by John Wesley and known as his "Covenant Prayer." Whether you are reading this late at night before you go to bed or early morning as you start... Read More


Covenant Weekly - September 25, 2018

Hearing the Voice of God Through the Bible Over the course of 2018-2019 we are talking about the Bible and, more importantly, learning to listen to God through the Bible. As a part of encouraging each other, I would... Read More

Covenant Weekly - September 18, 2018

Last week, our Covenant Weekly reflected on our efforts to live as a diverse family of God. Today . . . I'd like us to consider some of the basic realities of being a family. It is one thing to say we are family. It... Read More


Covenant Weekly - September 11, 2018

It is our ability to disagree that has kept us together for over 200 years. (Doug Sider, Executive Director - Be In Christ Church of Canada) I still remember the first time I heard those words. It was at a Be In... Read More


Fall Schedule Is Live!!!

Regular Fall Programming: September 9 (Sunday)and ongoing - 10:30 am service - Jr. High Class September 12 (Wed.) - 6:15-8:15 - Kick-off: BBQ & Games Night September 19 (Wed.) and ongoing - 6:15-8:15 - Jr. High... Read More


Covenant Weekly - September 4, 2018

The fact that for most of our culture today, September 4, marks a new season or even a "new year" says something about us. For centuries, millennia even, new seasons and years were marked for humanity by the world... Read More


Covenant Weekly - August 28, 2018

What makes a great celebration? How you answer that likely depends on how you like to celebrate and what you are celebrating, but perhaps there are some common ingredients we can find despite our different... Read More


No Youth Summer Programs (Volleyball & Games) August 27-31

Enjoy your final week of summer vacation and the long weekend. Have fun getting back to school. Watch Instagram and this website for details about fall programming! Read More


Fall Service Times - 9 & 10:30 am

Help spread the word, everyone! To help our children's ministry end a bit sooner, we are switching our service times to 9 am and 10:30 am effective September 9th. Thanks for your support and understanding. Read More