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On Sunday, May 7, we had the privilege of announcing Brent Jefkin's next step in ministry. Brent has been with us for a couple of years working as our Director of Next Gen and Worship. He, and his family, have been such an amazing gift to our Covenant Family!

Within our Be in Christ Church of Canada family, Brent was limited to the title of director due to his need for some formal theological education and assessment by denominational leadership. While serving among us, Brent has been taking courses at Wycliffe Seminary and has worked with denominational leaders to review his call to ministry, competency as a Christian leader, character as a Jesus follower, and compatibility with the Be in Christ Church of Canada. As a result of this process, Brent has been granted his credentials as a minister within BIC Canada!!!

What does this mean for us? Not too much. BUT, it does mean that we are able to join BIC Canada in affirming Brent by changing his title from director to pastor. For Brent, it also means that he will be able to officiate weddings.

Please continue to pray for Brent as he continues his studies and his work among us. While he is credentialed, he is still working his way towards full ordination (where he would be able to use the title "Reverend"). We are so grateful for what Brent, Letitia, and Juillyanna bring as a part of our Covenant Family. We are glad to be able to join BIC Canada in acknowledging Brent's growth and contribution among us.

But wait...what is the PBJ for in the title of this post?

Brent is very excited to be Pastor Brent Jefkins because he can now go by PBJ...a great kind of sandwich. [And no, his middle name does not start with an "n" so we can't go with full PBnJ.]