Covenant Weekly - July 17, 2018

Thank-you. I know that our service is supposed to be selfless and not focused on what we receive. But that doesn't mean we should take for granted the service of others. Today I want to say thank-you to many of you... Read More


Covenant Weekly - July 10, 2018

The first two nights of Shipwrecked, our week-long evening kids club (VBS) are now behind us. One of the highlights of these nights for me is standing at the back watching the singing. Yes . . . I said watching the... Read More


Covenant Weekly - July 3, 2018

As I write this we have a small group of amazing people in our building getting ready for VBS next week. (They'll be here tomorrow - Wednesday - from 9 am to 4 pm if you want to join them!) Next week, there will be... Read More


Covenant Weekly - June 26, 2018

In 1967 a group of around 100,000 people - largely young people - converged in San Francisco. This gathering was the recognized centre of activity for what become known as "The Summer of Love." United around the... Read More


Summer Service Time - 10 am

Join us this summer for one service each Sunday - 10 am. Read More


Covenant Weekly - June 19, 2018

Make yourself at home. An expression of welcome. An invitation into comfort. Something we say when we want someone to be able to relax - to be able to ask for what they need or desire as they need it. Or perhaps a... Read More


Summer Intern Announcement

We are excited to announce that Sarah Laurin will be joining our staff team as a Summer Ministry Apprentice for eight weeks in July and August. Sarah is an active part of our church life - in Sr. High, as a helper... Read More


Covenant Weekly - June 12, 2018

The following poem is a personal reflection I shared on Sunday morning regarding how each generation tends to approach the next based solely on their experience and expectations. I've been asked to share it in... Read More


Covenant Weekly - June 5, 2018

On Sunday morning we scratched the surface regarding the numbers of people who have moved from identifying as "Christian" in our area and are now identifying as "no religion." This "no religion" identification is,... Read More


Covenant Weekly - May 29, 2018

All the believers were together and had everything in common. -Acts 3:44 I remember very clearly, when one of my boys was little, the stage in which he wanted to "do it mineself!" It is both a challenging and... Read More