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For an update about our 2020 Be a Blessing Campaign see our blog post at

Each year, for many years, the Covenant Church family has partnered with Beausoleil First Nation Social Services to provide Christmas gifts to children who, otherwise, wouldn't receive anything at Christmas. We are a little late in getting the list of needs this year, however, we now know that there are almost 80 children in need of gifts. Will you help us show love to them and their families this Christmas?

If you would like to help provide gifts to these children, here is how you can get involved:

  1. Review the needed gifts at Each child is identified by a family number (1 - 31), a child letter (A - F), a gender, and an age. Check the box beside each child that you would like to purchase a gift for then click the pop-up text that invites you to enter your name. Enter your name and at least one of your phone number or e-mail address.
  2. Purchase the age/gender appropriate gift or gift card. Once it is purchased, label it (a piece of paper taped to the object works great!) with the information about the child (for example "1 - A - Male - 13"). This will help us ensure we have received gifts for each child and it will help social services get everything to the right family!
  3. Deliver the UNWRAPPED gift to the Covenant Church building (95 Robert St. E., Penetang) during office hours before the end of day on Wednesday, December 16. This will allow us to get them to social services so that they can be distributed well in advance of Christmas. To arrange for us to pick up the gift contact us by e-mail ([email protected]); phone (705-549-8477); or text (249-201-9024).

Thank you for working together to Be a Blessing to our community this Christmas!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much should I spend? $40-$60 is recommended.
  2. Where should I get the gifts? Not the dollar store. Please get quality items that could last. Minds Alive is a great resource in this area and would be able to recommend items for specific ages and gender. Shopping local is ideal, but we recognize that getting out is not feasible this year for many of you so online shopping with expedited shipping is an option, too.
  3. How many children can I sponsor? As many as you like and are able to!
  4. Is there a "wishlist" for what the children would like? There is no wishlist. Google could probably give you guidance if you searched for "Christmas gift ideas for a [age] year old [gender]." For older children, gift cards (e.g. iTunes, Walmart, Sportchek, Georgian Mall, etc.) are a pretty safe route.
  5. I have another question, who do I contact? Just reach out to us with any other questions by e-mail ([email protected]); phone (705-549-8477); or text (249-201-9024).