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This week's Covenant Weekly is a couple of days late because we wanted to wait until we could share a report about our Be a Blessing campaign. This was a partnership with Beausoleil First Nation Social Services to provide care and love for families and children on Christian Island this Christmas. Please watch the video below for a brief report and some specific celebration of two groups who helped make this year extra special!

To help serve you this season I want to share the links to a few other videos with you. The first is really practical. As COVID-19 cases increase in our province and in our community, and as we are reading news (and some potential misinformation) about vaccines that are on their way it is important for those of us who are pursuers of truth (Philippians 4:8) to listen to the most reliable sources out there. Dr. Francis Collins is the head of the National Institute of Health in the United States and he is a firmly committed Jesus follower. (He also led the team that mapped the human genome. He is one of the brightest medical minds in the world!) He is working hard to inform people of what is true about both COVID-19 and the forthcoming vaccines. Please take thirty minutes of your time to watch this interview he did with Dr. Russell Moore (president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention) about these topics.

Finally, I want to share a wonderful resource for this Advent season. The Bible Project ( is a treasure trove of short, accessible, and helpful videos that help to teach the Bible at a very deep level. They have some Advent resources available to help you learn more about how the Bible speaks about the themes of advent - hope, peace, joy, and love. You can find these videos on their Advent 2020 page at

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