Ephesians 5:21 - 6:9
Submit To One Another

This week we conclude our series called "Redeeming the Time" working our way through Ephesians 5. Today we are focusing on the call to "submit to one another". This working out of love is one of the single most revolutionary and groundbreaking elements of the way of Jesus. And likely one of the most neglected.

Weekly Homework:

  1. Is there someone that you find it extremely difficult to submit to? Pray for that person by name every day this week. Ask God to help you truly see them as co-equal before Christ. Through this may he prepare your heart for when and how you can practice submission to that person.
  2. Work this week to not generalize or demean people with whom you disagree. Practice treating people as equals even if their perspective is incomprehensible or even scary to you.
  3. Think about those who are below you in society’s hierarchy - or those with which you have power struggles. As you think about these people, ask God to lead you in one way you can practice submission to them this week. One way that you can voluntarily give in for the purposes of cooperation, assuming responsibility, and carrying a burden.