Ephesians 5:15-20
Living With Wisdom

This week we continue our series called "Redeeming the Time" working our way through Ephesians 5. Today we are focusing on living with wisdom.

Homework For This Week:

Choose one of the gospels - the good news of Jesus - (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and read through it this week. As you do it, try to do this:

  1. Pay attention to Jesus - his words, his heart, his life, his love.
  2. Pray that Jesus would draw near to you as you draw near to him.
  3. Find someone that’s on the journey with you to talk with about what you are reading and thinking about. (Maybe arrange with someone else to read the same gospel and set up a time to meet over coffee or for a walk to talk about it!)

Ministry Partner Announcements: Just a reminder about several of our ministry partners around the world are struggling severely during this COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some of our closest partners who are in financial need if you are able to contribute:

  • Be In Christ Church of Canada Global is working in partnership with BIC Churches around the world to meet physical needs of people in very vulnerable areas. To support the compassion work of BIC around the world through their local BIC presence, visit From this donation page, choose “Give to Global projects” and select RD001 World Hunger Fund. All donations during July and August will be considered donations to our COVID-19 relief effort.
  • Camp Kahquah - This is our partner camp near Magnetawan, ON. Missing out on four weeks of kids camp, several retreats, and a very diminished family camp (due to lack of programming and food services) has a major impact on their revenue, however the maintenance of the camp - and associated costs - continues. Please consider making a donation to the camp at so that they can conclude 2020 in good shape for ongoing and improved ministry in the years ahead. (The camp is preparing to celebrate 60 years of ministry in 2022!)
  • Mennonite Central Committee Canada - 100 years ago MCC Canada began to response to those who were most vulnerable and most in need. It continues to reach out to assist the most vulnerable; provide food, water, shelter, and education to those in the most difficult situations around the world; promote peace and reconciliation through local partners; invest in youth and young adult to help incorporate these ways of Jesus into their lives; and prioritizing partnerships to ensure local solutions to local needs. COVID-19 has both increased global needs and decreased funding. For more information or to assist MCC Canada in their work around the world, visit

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