Jon Limmer
September 29, 2019
Jon Limmer
Lead Pastor


Colossians 2:6-10
Disciple & Story

We are all shaped by stories. Stories we have heard our entire lives. Stories about who we are. Stories from our families. Great big stories - metanarratives - about how the world works and how to make sense of things around us. But what if there was a different story that made sense of all of life in a radically different and life giving way. A story which, if we accept it's truth, challenges all the other stories we tell ourselves?

The true story of Jesus is exactly that story. His life and teaching challenged all the other stories of his day. He invited his followers to reframe all the events they'd heard and lived in light of the story he, himself was shaping in them and in the world. As they did that, they were changed and so was the world.

Disciple and Story is sermon one in our nine week series exploring the themes in Derek Vreeland's book By the Way: Getting Serious About Following Jesus. Join us as we begin considering, what story do we tell ourselves? What is our guiding and shaping story?