The Table

Food. Conversation. Community.

The Table @ Covenant Church is on hold through the Christmas and Advent Season. We will be reevaluating this gathering as we head into January. Thanks for your understanding. We welcome you to join us at 10 am to celebrate Advent together!

Have any of these ever happened to you?

You find yourself sitting in church row on Sunday morning. The music is playing or the speaker is speaking on the stage and . . .

  • You find yourself with a burning question, but don't feel welcome to ask it.
  • You look around you and see sides of faces and backs of heads and you wonder what their stories are.
  • You wish there was more space and time to just listen to someone . . . and be listened to.
  • You wonder if all this God/Jesus/church stuff is all a scam and you wish it was safe to express those doubts.

Or maybe you don't find yourself sitting in church on Sundays at all because you don't want to go to church. You'd rather sit at a meal with friends where you can talk about life - the mundane and the serious things, laugh, and feel at home together.

If any of these things reflect your experience, The Table might be just the space and place for you.

The Table is a weekly gathering where we share food through a potluck meal (bring what you can when you can); share conversation around that meal; share a teaching time; and share our thoughts, doubts, and questions together. It's a simple format, but our hope is that its simplicity will help it to be a welcoming space that is easy to feel comfortable in.

We meet Sundays from 5-7 in the lower level of 95 Robert St. E. We would love to have you join us.