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Announcement - Sunday, September 22, 2019

Good morning,

I am here to make an announcement regarding our search for a next-generation ministry director.

You may remember that when Kyle Francey left a couple of years ago we started a search for a part-time youth director. Unfortunately, we were unable to find anyone at that time.

The Board then took some time to review and get some feedback from the congregation. Following this review, the Board discerned that we could and should try to change the position to a full-time position with an expanded role. At this time the position name was changed to the Next Generation Ministry Director and a search committee was formed to work through the recruitment process.

This new search team did have a few potential candidates to consider and began to interview some. unfortunately none of them progressed to the hiring stage due, either to them withdrawing or not meeting the criteria.

So an interim solution was planned and we hired Mary Paille last fall to help with the next-gen ministry program. This was planned as a temporary solution to help in this role while the search continued. We were also able to hire a full-time intern for the summer this year, Christian. Yet no further applicants for the full-time next-gen ministry director position have come in. However, we did have someone express interest in the position if we would consider modifying it back to a part-time role. This person was Anj Limmer.

The search team interviewed Anj and determined she would be an ideal fit for the position. As many of you already know, Ang has a big heart for children and youth and a passion to see them grow in faith and relationship with Jesus. So the team submitted the proposal to hire her for the next-gen ministry director part-time. A component of the search team’s proposal included having a small group of people who would be responsible for evaluating and performance review. The board has accepted the proposal and today I am announcing we have hired Anj as the Youth Ministry Director and that she is starting the job today!

I would like to reassure you that Pastor Jon removed himself from the search process and all of the discussions by the church board regarding the hiring of Anj.

If you have questions or comments please speak to one of the search team members. They are Judy Keefer, Julie Laurin, John Harrison and myself.

Announcement made by Jonathan Ens


Angie may be reached at the church (705-549-8477) or through e-mail at [email protected] Feel free to reach out in order to encourage her, volunteer to work alongside her in youth ministry, or ask any questions about youth ministry.

Note that this role is for 25 hours per week and is a 10-month term. The search team will be serving in an oversight and support role with Angie.