Covenant Family,

As we continue in the Red Zone we are aware that the lack of in person services is not ideal. As the board prayerfully and thoughtfully considers our options they continue to take into account medical recommendations, the mental and physical health of volunteers, and a desire to not want to bounce back and forth between having in person gatherings and cancelling them again.

In light of these things, we are continuing to limit our Sunday gatherings to online only. We are open to outdoor gatherings being held up to the 25 person limit (our youth group has already done this).

During this time we are working, each Sunday morning, to try to improve our online presentation of services. We want this to be a quality long-term option through which people can engage at Covenant Christian Community Church. We don't anticipate that online services will replace in person gatherings, but for many reasons it may be a preferable (or only) option for some people who are a part of our church family - or would like to be. If you have any constructive feedback on how we can continue to improve the online engagement, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]!

The board will continue to pay attention to reliable sources of information in regards to the pandemic and will reevaluate the viability in person gatherings at our next board meeting (April 20, 2021). Thanks for your understanding, patience, and continued engagement which makes our online time together on Sundays incredibly special!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jon and Covenant Board