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In September we began The Table to be a second gathering at Covenant. The hope was that a) it would create space for others to be together on Sunday mornings, and b) would become a space that would welcome those who aren't likely to attend a Sunday Service kind of gathering. I'm glad to say that each week The Table has run it has seemed like someone was there who needed to be there. That being said, however, it hasn't really become an alternative gathering or a place enjoyed by those not comfortable with the Sunday Service. While in many ways it has been a blessing, it has also become an effort that isn't sustainable in its current format.

In conversation with the board, we have made the decision to put The Table on hold through the Advent and Christmas season and re-evaluate it as we head into January. We trust that those of you who have enjoyed The Table will join us this Sunday evening at 5 pm for the concluding conversation in our By the Way series and will be able to enjoy the advent series alongside the rest of the Covenant family beginning on December 1. Thank you for your understanding.