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As we continue to move towards a Covenant Church relaunch it is essential for us to gather some information. We need to know what level of participation people are prepared to have, what we collectively believe is important, and where we are willing and able to invest our time.

If you consider yourself a part of the Covenant family or would like to be as we prepare for relaunch, please take a few minutes and visit to respond to an eight question survey to help us understand our collective heart and will. Your response will help us understand what ministries you believe should be our priority, what people are willing to commit their time and energy to, how you are feeling about where we are right now and how you feel about our future. Thank you for taking the time to do this!!

As you consider relaunch, I would also like to encourage you to think about two ministry areas - Covenant Groups and Next Generation Ministries.

  • Covenant Groups - This ministry area has been called small groups, Bible Studies, and house churches. At the heart of it, though, is people gathering in smaller groups for support, learning, accountability, and service. As our larger gatherings will, even when we can resume gathering again, be limited our ability to connect in smaller communities will be that much more essential. The days when we will remain connected through seeing everyone (or even most people) on a Sunday morning may not return for a long time. In order to be a family, we are going to need people who are willing and able to be Covenant Group leaders - created spaces for others to find support, learning, accountability, and service. As we prepare for relaunch, please pray about the possiblity of being a Covenant Group leader.
  • Next Generations Ministry - This ministry area, often divided between children and youth, has looked much the same since the 1970s. It has been centred around age specific classes and programs have been offered for both children and youth taught by men and women who had some level of affinity for the age group they were teaching. (Sometimes they specifically loved that age group, other times their affinity was due to having children in that age group.) When we relaunch there are going to be serious restrictions on our ability to have age specific ministry to both children and youth. What there won't be restrictions on is the ability of one adult - of any age - to pray for, invest in, and model Jesus' love to one, two, or a small group of children, youth, or young adults. It remains to be seen exactly what Next Gen ministry will look like, but if we are going to take advantage of what we can do, rather than lamenting what we can't the future of this ministry seems to be focused on personal investment rather than fancy programs. As you think about Next Generations Ministry don't ask yourself, can I keep up with kids or if you feel "called" to youth ministry. Prayerfully consider if you have enough concern about those who are our future that you could get to know a small group of kids, a couple of youth, or even one young adult who you could pray for, invest in, and model Jesus' love to. Many of you have learned enough technology now that your "in person" interaction with them could be limited and you could still make a huge difference in their lives!

If you would like to explore either of these ministry areas more, please email Jon at [email protected] and let him know which ministry area - Covenant Groups or Next Generations - you are most interested in talking about.