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As we plan for relaunch, we need people who will come together to help us plan for re-entry into our physical space. There are many government requirements we need to comply with regarding our physical spaces - including limiting our numbers, maintaining physical distancing, providing hand sanitation stations, and regular disinfecting of used spaces. In order to help us do these things well, we need volunteers.

We will actually need lots of volunteers.

We need to establish a Physical Set-up Team. This team will work together to help set up and maintain our physical spaces to allow us to have in person gatherings. This will including discerning what equipment and supplies we will need (e.g. signage, hand sanitizing stations, any physical barriers) and physically rearranging the spaces and chairs as necessary.

We need to establish a renewed greeting team. This team will guide us in determining best practices for how we can do the required "at the door" assessments, providing instructions in following regulations, figuring out how to maintain a welcoming environment within those constraints, determining how many volunteers will be required in this role each week/service, and training those volunteers.

And we need to establish a cleaning team. This team will work, over and above Carmen's work during the week, to establish best practices for regular cleaning during our gatherings. They will guide us in determining best practices for necessary disinfecting and cleaning to complly with regulations, determine how many volunteers will be needed each week, and training those volunteers.

We are going to need some point people for each of these teams who can lead with grace and patience. And we are going to need people on these teams - both in the planning stages, as as volunteers once we are able to regather.

If you are interested in being a part of one of these teams - our physical set-up team; our greeting team; or our cleaning team - please fill out the volunteer form at and let us know what role you are willing to play. Thanks for being in this together!