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Today I simply want to say thank-you. Thanks you to those of you who are serving and loving in the name of Jesus in all kinds of different ways and places within our Covenant Community and beyond.

Thank you to those who share in the work of caring for the congregation as deacons. Thank you to our board members who provide oversight for the business and financial concerns of the church. (A special thanks to Pauline Pinder who has agreed, upon the request of the board, to fill the final Congregational Representative place on the board for the remainder of this year!)

Thank you to those who help make Sunday mornings tick. We would be lost without our ushers & greeters, music team members, coffee preparers (& the rare species of coffee cleaner uppers!), and for our children and youth workers!! Thanks for your contribution week in and week out.

Thanks to those who lead in places around the community, whether it be with the Water Street ministry or hosting and/or leading a house church gathering. You work to create a place and space for God to work!

Thanks to those who serve in ways that are rarely seen - the men and women who serve on their knees in prayer; and those who make meals, deliver flowers for encouragement, write cards and make phone calls. Those who are truly bearing the burdens of one another, not for accolades and or applause, but because of love. Thank you.

Thank you to those of you who enter into our community every day carrying the good news of Jesus through how you live and how you speak.




Whether in workplaces or through volunteering, the world needs the presence of Jesus that you take with you. You are being the answer to the prayer, "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." Thank you.

And a special thanks to all those who helped on Saturday morning at the spring clean-up. It was so encouraging to see everyone here buzzing around just getting things done. Our space is cleaned up and we are better equipped for ministry because of your efforts. I especially loved all the kids who were excited to be here pitching in. Thank you all for all that you did!

And to those who are reading this saying to yourselves, "He forgot the thing that I do." Sorry about that. Thank you, too. Ultimately we don't do anything we do for the applause of other people, but I hope you realize that you and the work you do is appreciated. We're a body and it just wouldn't be the same without you.

Thank you.