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Sometimes I get asked the question, "Is anything special happening on Sunday?"

I understand what is meant by the question. Usually, the person asking is wondering if there is something like a guest speaker, some special music, communion, a meal, or a baptism. (As an aside, if you missed this past Sunday, the baptisms of Jessie Rodriguez and Karyssa Hamann were beautiful!)

And usually, I answer the question the person means to be asking with a simple, "No." Or a brief explanation of what is coming up.

But I have a confession to make. There is something else I want to say. Rather than saying this to each person who asks the question, I'll take this opportunity to say what goes on in my head when I'm asked, "Is anything special happening on Sunday?".

want to say . . .

Yes. There is something really special happening on Sunday. We are gathering together with a fascinating and beautiful collection of people to remind ourselves about our commitment to the Way of Jesus and to encourage each other as we follow him. We will gather for an hour with a group of people who come from different backgrounds, different socioeconomic circles, different political leanings, and even with different interpretations of the Bible and we will declare that we are in this life together . . . as a family because of Jesus. We will shake hands and hug. We will (or should) welcome those we don't know. We will sing together. We will live out an embodiment of the way of Jesus inviting all to come and sit at his feet.

The music might not be extra-special on that particular Sunday. The sermon might be too long and a little boring for some tastes. We may not be participating in communion together or bearing witness to a baptism. It might look like almost every other Sunday.

But it will be special because we, as a diverse (and maybe a little crazy) Jesus family, are gathering together with God. And no matter how often we do it, that's really special!

And . . . to answer the question we mean to ask about this coming Sunday . . . our intern, Sarah Laurin, is speaking this Sunday (August 5). Please be in prayer for her as she does her final preparation and seeks to allow the Spirit of God to speak through her on Sunday morning!

Coming soon . . . 

  1. August 12 - Jon Limmer speaking
  2. August 19 - Mary Paillé speaking
  3. August 26 - Luke Kent speaking
  4. September 2 - End of Summer Celebration & BBQ