Jon Limmer
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The first two nights of Shipwrecked, our week-long evening kids club (VBS) are now behind us. One of the highlights of these nights for me is standing at the back watching the singing. Yes . . . I said watching the singing. Because for every song, there are actions. It is really great to watch the kids and leaders sing and act out the music.

Often on Sunday morning we simply stand (or sit) and sing. And that's okay. But what if we entered into it more? Some among us like to clap . . . which is especially great when the clapping is in rhythm! Others lift up their hands and move to the music. During our VBS, though, the musical worship is done with our whole bodies . . . with all of our strength! (Luke 10:27)

When it comes to musical worship, I've never really been much of a clapper or a hand raiser or a dancer. (Maybe that is part of why I was drawn to playing the guitar. It is my way of getting to moving and engaging my body in the act of worship.) You might struggle to be comfortable moving during music as well. That's okay! But maybe our VBS experience can encourage you to give it a try in the coming weeks.

You could start while you listen to music at home on your own and work up to truly dancing like no one is watching. Then you could start small when we're together . . . tap your foot or clap along. I don't expect we'll have people dancing in the aisles any time soon (maybe just some of our younger family members spinning at the front!), but if following the example of our kids can move us even a little deeper into our musical worship experience, we'll be better for it. You are welcome to join us during our opening session (6 pm) and our closing session (8 pm) at VBS tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday to enjoy some music and learn from our kids in person.

I would really love to have you join us this coming Sunday at 10 am for our VBS celebration service. We'll have a chance to join together in singing and acting out a number of songs that we've been singing this week. And even if you aren't ready to dance along, you can be encouraged by the kids as they do!