Covenant Weekly - January 2, 2018

Covenant Weekly - January 2, 2018

I already know it's true:

2018 will not be perfect.

I'll drop the ball.

I'll injure others - and be hurt by them, too.

I'll get too busy; forget something; rush past someone.

The dream of the blank page is already stained with the tea I spilled . . . and the coffee I've had spilled on me.

No "perfect" New Year ever stays that way for long.

The question is, "How will I respond to the imperfection?"

Jesus, by your grace and with the help of your Spirit and your family,

May I respond rather of react.

May I offer grace rather than hostility.

May I show love rather than hate.

May I pursue reconciliation rather than revenge.

May I assume the best rather than the worst.

May I be strong enough in my love from you that words from others don't define me or threaten who I am.

May I live a life worthy of saying, "Follow, me as I follow Jesus." rather than saying, "Do as I say, not as I do."

May I do what I can to see myself changed by you rather than fretting about why I can't change everyone - or anyone - else.

May I spill my mess on others as little as possible and, when their mess spills on to me, may I be quick and quiet in my efforts to help them clean it up.

In 363 days, when 2018 comes to a close, may I be able to celebrate with gratitude the beautiful picture that has been formed from all of the spills, messes, blood, and tears which will have been splashed across my currently (mostly) blank page.