Covenant Christian Community Church values active partnerships with agencies that are doing aid and compassion work in our community. One such group is The Guesthouse in Midland.   The Guesthouse mission and vision is to provide food and shelter in a safe familial environment within North Simcoe that cares for those in physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual need. Originally founded as Midland Out of the Cold in November 2002, The Guesthouse shelter is a community hub for youth, adults and families experiencing homelessness in North Simcoe.   We have some people from Covenant who actively share in providing and serving meals at The Guesthouse. Others to join in this venture - either through the provision of food or through joining in serving. (Food provision may be either freshly cooked and provided on nights arranged through The Guesthouse or by freezing casseroles or lasagnas which could be used when needed.)   Covenant has a small amount of freezer space available if you would like to donate some frozen food to The Guesthouse. We will also be accepting other donations (see reverse side for needs) and have a volunteer ready to deliver them on our behalf!

With the changing seasons, The Guesthouse faces two different specific concerns that they need community help in addressing.   The first need is that of food donations to help replenish their food supply. They are looking for non-perishable items such as, but not limited to, sugar, tea, perked coffee, coffee whitener, cereals, canned meats, peanut butter, jams, canned fruits and vegetables. The perishable items needed are meats, milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt, margarine, fresh/frozen vegetables and fruits as well.    The second need corresponds to the changes in weather and the move into cooler temperatures. With that the needs at the shelter change. The Guesthouse is now accepting donations of winter clothing for both men and women of all sizes. The focused needs are winter coats, boots, snow pants, track pants, sweaters, long sleeve tops, long johns, thermal undergarments, and warm sleep pants.   Any donation small or large is accepted and appreciated. Please know that your donations allow The Guesthouse to keep providing to those experiencing homelessness, as well as those in our community that are in need.     The Guesthouse leadership shares the following note of thanks:    We would not be able to support those individuals without the items you all provide.  We are truly blessed to have so many loyal supporters. It is so important for you all to know what a great impact you make on our community. As well as, how much we appreciate the time and effort each one of you puts forward to help our guests.