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As promised in the message last week, you were going to be hearing about what will be necessary for us to be able to move towards a relaunch of Covenant Christian Community Church. (If you missed that message, you can find it here.)

We have a few advantage as a church that is looking towards relaunch.

  1. We already have a community - a family.
  2. We already have some of that family serving us through oversight - our board.
  3. We already have some of that family helping oversee care - our deacons/community care team.

Ministry Leadership Team

In order for us to relaunch in a healthy way we would like to also gather together a Ministry Leadership Team. You can read all the details in the Ministry Leadership Team Launch document attached below, but here is one sentence about this new team.

The Ministry Leadership Team is a group of ministry leaders who, individually lead the active ministries of Covenant Christian Community Church and collectively cooperate in order to foster unity, consistency, and spiritual health.

As you'll see in the attached Ministry Leader Attributes and Application document, we are looking for ministry leaders who are spiritually maturing followers of Jesus and who are competent in leading their specific ministry area. Over the coming weeks, as we introduce (or reintroduce) various ministries that need leadership, prayerfully consider who might be a good fit for these roles. If it is you, please message [email protected] to talk about it or fill out the application (also available at

Online Ministry Team

The first team we would like building as we move towards relaunch is a brand new Online Ministry Team. This team will lead us in establishing and maintianing a quality online ministry presence - including, but not limited to the ability to stream our in person Sunday gatherings live online. While many of us are tired of meeting online, we also recognize the importance of having it as an option in our increasingly online world. We don't want to go back to not having a live online gathering. We need to be able to do this well before we resume gathering in person. And we want to be able to offer more and better online options for courses and groups.

We need a team to lead us in this!

Read through what we are looking for in an Online Ministry Team Leader and Online Ministry Team Volunteers. If you would be willing to consider the team leader role, or if you would be willing to be one of the team volunteers working alongside that leader, please message [email protected]