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We held our 2020 Annual Congregational Council on February 28, 2020. The report document (attached below) was fully accepted and approved, including the written reports, our 2020 financial statements, our 2021 budget, and our nominations for 2021. There were two corrections offered prior to approval - a note the Elise Robitaille is continuing to serve as a deacon and two people have become members and are not on the membership list - John Caldwell and Brent Jefkins.

Special thanks was offered to those who have completed terms of service and who played key ministry roles during 2021. Those people were: board members - Wilfried Hahn, Bill Byer, and Janette Copley; deacons - Ursula Hahn and Pat Counahan; outgoing bookkeeper & envelope secretary Brad Fisher for his years of service; Next Gen workers - Angie Limmer & Judy Keefer; and those who have helped us manage both online and in person gatherings during this pandemic with a special thanks to our online ministry team of Jer Denbutter, Daniel Laurin, and Micah Limmer.

We are grateful to all who participated in our annual meeting and all those who contibute to the life and vibrancy of our Covenant Family!