Jon Limmer
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I was going through the somewhat frustrating experience of updating software on a computer this morning. I wish that I could just obtain something and have it work just fine for life - a computer, a car, an idea. But times change and tech changes. Parts wear out and need replacing. Time takes its toll. Ideas are tested, refined and changed.

This is even true of our understanding of God.

It is true that God doesn't change, but we do; our circumstances do; our time and place do. And with our change, our view and understanding of God changes, too.

Author and Pastor Eugene Peterson observed, "All theology is rooted in geography." (Under the Predictable Plant)

God is not a collection of immutable facts to be uncovered. God is a being who has chosen to relate with us. And that relationship grows and deepens over time if we are willing to go there. Our time, place, space, and experience shape our perspective of the unchanging God.

Personally, I'm so glad that my understanding of and relationship with God has changed over the years. At the same time I'm curious and a little bit afraid of how it will continue to change. Because change is unknown. And change can be hard (especially the older I get!). But there is no growth without change.

So next time you update your software, get a new car, or celebrate (or grieve) a new life stage, use it as a time to prayerfully hold tight to God even while you open yourselves up to the new things he is going to show you about himself and the deeper relationship he is inviting you into.