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Growing up we didn't have much of a television. But we did have a record player. Although our selection of music was limited I loved to put on a stack of records in our living room (which is not where our TV was) and listen to them as they fell one by one and played, sometimes for hours. Some of you may remember a time when "getting together to listen to records" was a somewhat regular social activity.

It seems that in today's age of headphones and podcasts and music streaming players that many of us have lost (or never known) the joy of settling in, sitting still with no distractions, and letting the sound of beautiful music overtake us.

The gift of music is a huge one for the people of God. It is only one creative expression, but it is a powerful one. An entire book of the Bible is devoted to songs. There are several other songs scattered throughout the Bible, in the Old and New Testament. Because we don't have the music for them, there may be a tendency among some to think the music isn't too important. But if this was the case, why choose songs as a medium for them at all?!? The music is important. But music is also time-bound. Not having the music helps us realize that in each era and place we need to be willing to create and embrace styles of music that are moving and meaningful for us. In so doing we reflect and connect with our creative God.

Perhaps it is because I have a musical heritage but I find that there are songs that can move me emotionally in powerful ways. (My grandparents had a subscription to the K-W Symphony and when I'd visit my grandfather he would regularly put a song on his stereo because he was excited to show me some part a song that had a magical musical part that had captured his attention.) One of the ways music can move me is into a place of rest. When I listen to some songs it is almost like falling back into a hammock on a perfectly sunny day. I become aware of my breath and am enveloped by a sense of peace.

I would like to invite you to join me in something this week. Would you be willing to share a song or some songs with music that helps you to move into rest? Perhaps there is a song that, when it is played, you find yourself closing your eyes. Your shoulders drop. Your breath slows and deepens as you almost fall into the music. I would love it if you would share links to those songs in the comments below. By sharing these songs with each other we can invite each other into the rest of God through music. Rest, I believe, many of us need. We're all wired differently so not every that is shared will help you, but hopefully, some of them will!

So turn up the music or put on some headphones and explore some of the songs we share together. I'll start by offering a few songs (by different kinds of artists) that do this for me. I look forward to listening to what you share in the comments!


Wilfried about 1 month ago

I like to hear John Denver and Placido Domingo's "Perhaps Love"

Vera Finlay about 1 month ago

This is one of my favourites - Still by Hillsong

Zoe about 1 month ago

Draw Me Close -- by Michael W Smith, notable covers by Hillsong and Vera's team :)

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