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The world is so full of turmoil that all I want to do is look away. I have not watched the video of George Floyd being murdered because I cannot handle it right now. But ignoring it - putting my head in the sand and pretending I am not a part of the system and reality that devalidates men and women of colour - is not an option.

I must acknowledge my privilege, be honest about the current systems, and add a voice - a voice that may be heard because I have a privileged place within current systems - to the cries for change.

Change in systems.

Change in habits.

Change in hearts.

I encourage you to not just post on social media, but take a deep and long reflective look at the world we live in, how you fit in it, and how we can, together, be a part of bringing Jesus' kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven.

The video below is long. For many it may be difficult to watch. It is a sermon and conversation that took place at Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, Minnesota on Sunday morning. Woodland Hills (and their pastor, Greg Boyd) is an anabaptist church family and are friends of Be In Christ Church of Canada. This teaching and conversation addresses the current reality, our place in it, and what our response could (should) be. I encourage you to please set aside time to prayerfully watch it, honestly consider it, and lovingly respond to it.