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Jesus' first miracle was to restock the wine at the table.

When he called Levi (Matthew) as his follower, their first order of business was to dine at Matthew's table.

5,000 hungry people clamouring for his wisdom and healing, and Jesus sets them a table. Then again for another 4,000 people.

Jesus was prepared for his upcoming burial by having his feet anointed while sitting at a table.

His final engagement with all of his disciples before his arrest was at the Passover table.

The resurrected Jesus met his disciples and reaffirmed the call of his disciples away from their fishing boats - and especially reaffirmed Peter - by turning the shore of the Sea of Galilee into a table where they would be fed more than just fish and bread.

When we talk about following Jesus we often consider mission and morality, the Bible and belief. These are all important, but when Jesus left us with something to be central to the practice of his church, it wasn't mission trips or memorization. It wasn't the codified rules or even creeds. Jesus left us with a table. A table at which we find Jesus - his body broken and his blood shed to show us and share with us his love. 

Following Jesus is an invitation to mission and a call to love. We discover him through the pages of scripture and are called to trust in him. But all of that flows out of first being willing to draw near to him - the real and present Jesus - sitting with him and reveling in his presence around the table.

We've done a disservice to the power of a prepared table through fast food and TV dinners. Those are not the table of Christ. Tables require us to stop and sit. Tables are where we hear stories and share our own. We laugh around tables. And we cry. We gather together around tables to be refreshed and replenished, in body and soul. That is the invitation of Christ.

This Sunday, our gathering will be centred around the table as we celebrate Communion together. Bring some bread and wine/juice as we meet online to sit with Jesus around his table and receive his love and his rest.