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There was a football game played on Sunday. The champion of the 2020 NFL season was determined by the outcome of that game. But when I looked at social media and news reports on Monday I read about:

  • A halftime show.
  • TV commercials.
  • Post-game interviews.
  • Past accomplishments of some players.
  • The future contract status of some players.
  • The amount of money generated.

It is almost as though the game itself was an afterthought. I worry about Jesus' followers - individually and as local churches - following into the same trap. We are not immune from the cultural tendency to chase after events and experiences and lose focus on what is actually important.

When pastors and worship leaders become celebrities, we've forgotten about the game. When we leave a church gathering complaining about the ushers, the music, or what someone was wearing, we've forgotten about the game. When we are known in our communities for defending our own rights or pushing our own self-interests, we've forgotten about the game. When we are concerned about who got the blame or the credit, we've forgotten about the game. 

For us, "the game" isn't a game at all. It's the joy (and struggle) of a life following Jesus within the context of community. As we just reminded ourselves over the course of our recent sermon series, we are a Jesus centred family, working together, growing in love, and offering good to the world. That's what we're about. We need to keep focused on that and not be distracted by things that aren't even a part of the game!