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This series follows the story of Joseph from the beginning of his life through until he is reconciled with his family. Kids will see the way in which God is at work through the life of Joseph even in the worst of times. Kids will discover that God is always with us and that a forgiving heart really is the healthiest, Jesus-loving way to experience life. 

See the documents at THIS LINK for some activity pages, full lesson plans to guide family discussion, and midweek resources.

We are thankful for these resources brought to us by RaiseUpFaith.


Lora Wishart 2 months ago

I'm having trouble finding the link to the video series for children. I see the activities.
I use this at school

Brent 2 months ago

Hi Lora,

The curriculum has recently been purchased by a different provider. The videos are only now embedded in the PowerPoint which I have linked to this blog. I’m working on advocating to have the videos back on YouTube. We’ll see what they end up doing.

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