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This is the second part of the series: The Look of Love that is all about the Fruit of the Spirit. Kids will explore what it looks like to experience: goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. When we focus in on Jesus, and grow closer to him, the Holy Spirit becomes "louder" in our lives. We choose love over hate. Joy over misery. Peace over anger, and so on. None of this is easy. It takes dependence on God, and constant reminders that life isn't about "me first" but instead about God first. This series we will stare into the beautiful results the Holy Spirit can have in our lives.

To watch the kids video CLICK HERE

See the documents below for some activity pages, full lesson plans to guide family discussion, and midweek resources.

We are thankful for these resources brought to us by One Story (a ministry of Jesus Collective).

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